Saturday, April 2, 2011

Less Is More Week 8

Of Course I missed the deadline, but here it is! So I didn't technically enter the challenge!

I found this group of ladies through a blog-challenge- friend. She follows them so I thought I'd check them out. Thanks Ulina!

 So here it is, my first challenge with these ladies.
This is the Sketch

This is my interpretation of the sketch

This is the inside of the card

This is the simple yet cute embellishment of the card

I came to a realization while making this card. I appreciate the fuss and heavy embellishment in the work that other people do. For me, simple is what I appreciate most!

So ladies over there at Less Is More, I think I may be here to stay!
Great challenge. I hope it's inspiring...



  1. Hi!
    I like that challenge blog a lot, too!
    Don´t miss the deadline this week! :-)
    You made a very pretty card! I like it a lot when also the inside of a card is embellished!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. This is fabulous. I love the embellishment and tag. I don't have a blog so play along with the challenge at home. I find the blog very inspiring but also time consuming, as not only do I love looking at all the cards but I also have to have a peep at all the card makers blogs too, your's is a great blog by the way. Love Sheila x


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